JuiceBox Energy is Finalist for Best Green Tech at IBS

JuiceBox Energy is Finalist for Best Green Tech at IBS

JuiceBox Energy, a manufacturer of connected energy storage systems, has been selected as a finalist for best green tech product at the International Builders’ Show (IBS).

It was chosen for its functionality, design and builder and consumer friendliness. JuiceBox’s connected systems monitor energy output from solar systems, the overall state of the system, as well as connection to automation platforms and the company’s cloud service.

JuiceBox systems can be installed either inside or out.
These storage systems can be installed either inside or out.

When choosing devices to build a net-zero smart home, connected systems from JuiceBox Energy can help builders market a fully-controllable and efficient home to their clients.

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JuiceBox Energy’s smart product is not the only energy storage system at IBS 2016. Ever since Tesla came out with its home battery idea, companies have been lining up to jump on the trend. Similar energy storage systems from Outback Power and Solar City will also be on display at IBS.

When combined with powerful energy generation systems such as solar or geothermal and efficient appliances, the JuiceBox Energy smart battery and similar systems can help upgrade the home from net-zero to a net-positive marketing tool.

IBS finalist winners will be announced on Thursday, January 21st.

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