KB Home’s 4 Principles to Success in Future-Minded “ProjeKt”

KB Home’s 4 Principles to Success in Future-Minded “ProjeKt”

[tps_title]Four Key Principles of the KB Home Project – #3[/tps_title]

3. Modularity

Cartridges come pre-assembled, wired and plumbed.
Cartridges come pre-assembled, wired and plumbed.

Stemming off of flexibility comes the third principle—modularity. Atalla notes that while KB Home has much respect for the pre-fab concept, it often involves shipping a “ton of air on a flatbed truck.” The homebuilder aims to redesign the ideas of pre-fabrication with a unique component called “cartridges.”

“Rather than doing a whole room with a lot of air, we are looking at the components of the house that are complex and have a lot of value to them. So, a kitchen wall complete with appliances, cabinets, sinks, countertops, lighting, sensors—that can all be included in one cartridge that’s manufactured in a factory,” says Atalla.

These cartridges are manufactured to extremely high degrees of efficiency, as well as true dimensions. This means that builders can save time and error by eliminating the need for field measurements.

“The cartridges will be pre-wired, pre-plumbed, have all the embedded sensors in them and allow for plug-and-play in the site,” says Atalla.

UP NEXT: This final principle is “the new best friend of sustainability”

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