Lake Nona Embraces Gigabit Internet, Healthy Home Tech

Lake Nona Embraces Gigabit Internet, Healthy Home Tech

Lake Nona has established itself as a groundbreaking community through its innovations and with how technology is used to enhance the wellness and lifestyles of its inhabitants.

Last year, TecHome Builder caught wind of this radical multifamily development in Orlando, which was named one of nine “Smart+Connected” communities by Cisco. It’s the only community recognized in the United States.

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One year later, Lake Nona continues to change the game.

“It’s been a blast to be a part of something that is just revolutionary,” says Dan Rebeor, SVP of Lake Nona’s tech provider, Dais. “Most developments do not have the focus on technologies and the focus on amenities that we do here at Lake Nona.”

Lake Nona's Laureate Park, a section of the community.
Lake Nona’s Laureate Park. All parts of Lake Nona are connected through Gigabit technology.

Evolving the Gigabit Pipeline

First on Lake Nona’s list of major developments, in the past year, is its expansion and evolution of Gigabit Internet connectivity within the community.

Rebeor compares Gigabit technology to a large pipe through which builders and integrators can implement endless options via its size and flexibility—often with the homeowner in mind.

“More and more people are working from home. They can’t work from cable speeds or DSL modem speeds anymore. They need that gigabit speed, so they can interact with teleconferencing, sending large files, etc.,” says Rebeor. 

In regards to connectivity, Lake Nona’s mission doesn’t stop at Gigabit speeds. The community is also actively working on expanding its cell tower network in order to provide ubiquitous coverage to everyone in the community, wherever they may be.

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Breaking Down the Digital Divide with Gigabit Speeds

Welcome to the WHIT Home

While Internet connectivity helps improve work and play, Lake Nona’s diehard dedication to health and wellness is what truly separates it from the majority of multifamily communities.

In our first story, TecHome focused on Lake Nona’s Medical City—a 650-acre life and sciences park within the community—but Lake Nona is taking this focus one step further with a brand new project.

Lake Nona’s WHIT Home just opened to the public on September 18. It will serve as a living laboratory for buyers to explore health-oriented tech. WHIT stands for “Wellness + Home + Innovation + Technology,” and these four pillars drive Lake Nona’s end goal—to focus on how technology can improve one’s health.

“And it’s not health as in what to do when you get sick,” clarifies Rebeor. “It’s more wellness and preventing sickness. It’s diet. It’s exercise. It’s having homes that are healthy.” 

Specs of the WHIT House.
Specs of the WHIT House.

WHIT will explore these wellness solutions through a variety of tech options—circadian lighting to air and water purification systems and even a uniquely innovative kitchen island cooktop from GE.

This cooktop can analyze what homeowners have in stock in their fridge and cabinets to help prepare a quick, healthy meal after a busy day of work and errands.

“As the kitchen continues to become the center of the home, what can technology do here to improve your lifestyle?” asks Rebeor.

What the Future Holds

Lake Nona isn’t planning on resting anytime soon in its continuation of innovating the multifamily space.

The goal is to appeal to incoming generations of Millennials and beyond. It is already accomplishing this with things such as Gigabit Internet and will continue to do so with technological updates such as OTT (over-the-top) solutions. OTT refers to the delivery of film and TV content via the Internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite service. For this type of solution, Gigabit speeds are an absolute must.

Lake Nona will also pursue steps in making its community smarter with “Smart City” technologies, such as those that monitor power consumption, lighting, parking, security and more.

Through all of this, Lake Nona will always put the customer first. Consumers always meet with technology specialists from the get-go to pursue what tech options work best for them, and Dais is planning to open up a tech showroom soon in the center of the community for buyers to explore.

For a community as revolutionary as this, it’s all in a day’s work.

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