Legrand Acquires Luxul to Offer Resilient Infrastructure

Legrand Acquires Luxul to Offer Resilient Infrastructure

Legrand has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Luxul Wireless. 

Legrand says the networking provider for professionally-installed, custom integration systems for residential and small-to-medium business (SMB) markets will help Legrand deliver more powerful and resilient connected infrastructure.

The idea is to tap into the explosive growth of IoT devices and automated systems, which create huge demand for high-performance networks and infrastructure such as Luxul’s.

Just in the past year, Luxul helped production builder Pardee offer wireless as a standard in its Meridian community. It’s a path many production builders are starting to take to set themselves apart. It’s an affordable way to offer the prospect of a connected home to the mass market.

Luxul router.
Luxul router.

“And let’s face it, we’re getting to the point where even appliances in the home are now reliant on the network. So it’s just such a key element in people’s lives today,” integrator Greg Simmons of Eagle Sentry told TecHome Builder during that article.

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Legrand products.
Legrand products.

Through this acquisition, it seems Legrand is also trying to capture this growing market demand. “A great user experience starts with a great network, and Luxul Wireless is number 1 in their market. Their solutions will become an essential component of Legrand’s On-Q and Nuvo home systems, as well as supporting countless other systems,” says John Selldorff, CEO, Legrand North & Central America.

The goal is to allow Legrand’s installer customers to “own the network” and ensure their customer (builders or consumer) the best possible user experience.

We want to hear from you. Do you think this acquisition will make it easier to offer your customers the connected home experience? Why or why not?

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