Legrand Launches Eliot Program to Accelerate IoT Offerings

Legrand Launches Eliot Program to Accelerate IoT Offerings

A major name in the home technology world has announced a new program aimed at accelerating and facilitating the evolution of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Eliot, by Legrand, is a program designed to speed up deployment of the connected devices offered by the company, which will facilitate what Legrand believes is a “new era for buildings” connected to IoT. Legrand will provide electrical and digital infrastructure solutions for all types of buildings. Quite simply, Legrand believes that IoT will gradually emerge as the norm for professional and residential developments.

While Legrand has not yet announced anything regarding direct industry partnerships that could occur within the Eliot program, this could still present an excellent opportunity for builders and integrators alike that could greatly benefit their bottom line.

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In a press release, Legrand did outline the solutions it hopes to cover with the Eliot program. These include:

  1. Consolidation of digital infrastructures with dedicated offerings for datacenters
  2. Telecare to facilitate the lives of people with diminished independence, both at home and in healthcare institutions
  3. Measurement and tracking of energy consumption to suit both new and existing buildings
  4. Connected emergency lighting to facilitate maintenance operations
  5. Video door entry phones proposing services, both in group housing and individual homes
  6. The connected home, with solutions that are easy to install and which enable control of an electrical installation via tablet or smartphone

The company also revealed its three ambitious objectives regarding the Eliot program launch.

It aims to…

  • …continue its rapid growth in the field of digital infrastructures

  • …double the number of connectable product families, from 20 in 2014 to 40 by 2020

  • …achieve a double-digit overall average annual growth rate in connectable devices by 2020.

Time will tell how exactly Legrand’s program will directly impact builders using connected home technology in their projects. Regardless, when it comes to the rise and success of the TecHome industry, expanding the IoT ecosystem is a must.

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