Legrand Aims at Production Builder Market

Legrand Aims at Production Builder Market

Home automation systems seem to cluster at opposite poles: luxury and mass market. But one new-to-market automation platform is meant expressly for the midrange market, and this should give high-volume builders, and their integrator partners, a cool new tool to test out for their customers. 

Legrand’s Intuity platform is specifically designed for production homes. It’s being marketed as cost-effective, modular and repeatable for controlling as many, or as few, systems as a builder chooses to include.

The brain of the system is a central control module and an in-wall command center for use with an iPad Mini. The system is controlled by an iOS app that looks the same regardless of the device. There are plans to add an Android app.

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Legrand has made a name in the residential space with audio/visual products, structured wiring, security cameras, switches and the high-end Unity automation system. Intuity will be able to control all of Legrand’s products as well as Z-Wave components.

The suggested retail price for a basic package is $1,389, which includes:

• A control module

• Command center with intercom and one zone of digital audio

• Power supply

• Two wireless bridges (Legrand’s radio frequency and Z-Wave) 

• Bridge power module

• An enclosure to house the components

As part of its sales plan, Legrand is offering support programs for builders and real estate agents that the company says will help builders sell the product. Sales representatives will work with each builder to create individual programs. Customer support will include a demo app, which gives buyers a virtual home tour.

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