Leonardo DiCaprio Brings Energy Efficiency to Island Projects

Leonardo DiCaprio Brings Energy Efficiency to Island Projects

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh off his Oscar win for Best Actor in “The Revenant,” is tackling another awards-worthy endeavor on islands of the Bahamas and Belize – energy efficiency. 

“DiCaprio Island” was recently put up for sale near the Bahamas, and builders are invited to purchase sections to build homes.

But there’s a catch. All constructions must adhere to LEED v4 environmental standards, keeping in line with DiCaprio’s well known eco-friendly and environmentally conscious agenda. The island’s developers, Yvris Developers, have enlisted DiCaprio’s services in a consulting capacity.

The actor is no stranger to this type of eco-minded home building, and he even used his recent Oscar speech to discuss the politics of climate change.

DiCaprio has also joined forces with Paul Scialla of Delos, a NY based developer focused on healthy standards for the home, to turn an island off the coast of Belize into a flourishing eco resort.

Energy efficiency is a central focus on Dicaprio Island.
Energy efficiency is a central focus on Dicaprio Island.

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Deemed “Blackadore Caye, A Restorative Island,” the resort won’t be open to guests until 2018, but DiCaprio and Delos are determined to make the island and its constructions as energy efficient and environmentally mindful as possible.

According to the Blackadore Caye website, the island was acquired by DiCaprio with the vision of creating “the future home of the greenest luxury development ever built.”

It boasts being “a development completely powered by renewable energy and designed to increase the biological health of species on the island and in the waters around it.”

The island’s resort will focus on health, wellness and sustainability, include off-the-grid ‘living homes,’ as well as a research station on climate change and habitat impacts, leading restoration programs and more.

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