Let’s Talk Energy Efficiency!

Let’s Talk Energy Efficiency!

Energy prices are high throughout most of the country and builders are keeping that in mind when they plan new homes. But how can builders, and buyers, get the most bang for their buck? What technologies out there are the most efficient and save homeowners the most money, while keeping costs down for the builder? What types of buyers are interested in energy efficiency?

These will be some of the questions we will ask during Thursday’s #TecHomeTalk Twitter chat with co-host Brookfield Residential.

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Don’t know what a Twitter chat is? Also known as a TweetUp, a Twitter chat is when people talk about common interests on the social media platform Twitter. TecHome Builder’s Twitter chat has a focus on—you guessed it—home technologies. The #TecHomeTalk starts 3 p.m. EST every Thursday.

By inserting the hashtag #TecHomeTalk, homebuilders, manufacturers and everyday people can chime in on this week’s discussion, be it home automation, LEDs, etc. You can search for the #TecHomeTalk hashtag on Twitter and select “All” to see the latest tweets and refresh, or use www.TweetChat.com to find the hashtag and enter a chat-style room for a live stream of #TecHomeTalk tweets.

Bring your ideas on how builders and consumers can make homes safer Thursday, May 7, at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. EST. Also be sure to check back on TecHomeBuilder.com for a recap in case you missed anything!

Check out our editors’ Twitter feeds daily at @TecHomeBuilder, @TecHomeCasey@AndreaAMedeiros and @TecHomeSteve for the latest in home technology news.

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