Leviton Showroom Puts Control in a Home Setting

Leviton Showroom Puts Control in a Home Setting

Leviton’s new showroom in New Orleans gives the company the ability to display its security and automation devices in various settings.

Leviton got its start more than 100 years ago when founder Isidor Leviton began making pull-chain lamp holders for Thomas Edison’s new electric light bulb.

Last week in New Orleans, Leviton held the grand opening of its new showroom, which provides the setting within home, office and school for hundreds of Leviton automation and security products. The idea behind the showroom is two-fold. First, integrators will be able to learn how to properly install and program the devices in Leviton’s classroom and see how they should work and look in a variety of settings.




Leviton showroom home control

Second, the showroom will be used as a marketing tool. Leviton’s Director of Marketing for Security and Automation Greg Rhoades said potential distributors and integrators, as well as builders, will be invited to tour the facility and see the ways the control systems can be integrated into their buildings.

Leviton hopes to bring business prospects to them, eschewing trade shows where potential clients may or may not come by the booth in favor of the direct approach. Leviton also has plans in the works for showrooms in California and the Midwest.

The building at 334 Carondelet St. in New Orleans is the former home of the Western Union Telegraph Building, a New Orleans bank built in the late 1800s. Leviton bought the space in order to retrofit it with their products, but they kept the old vault door and drilled through more than a foot of concrete during the installation of the utility room where the audio and visual system racks are kept.


Leviton showroom smart home control display

The showroom houses a living room and full kitchen, which are both on display upon entering the showroom, offices and boardrooms, classrooms, bathrooms, a bar setting, and utility rooms where various Leviton occupancy sensors, thermostat and energy management controls, LED light fixtures, automatic shades, and “daylight harvesting” sensors that sense how much natural light is filtering into a room and adjusts the interior lights to save electricity or compensate. Security sensors and controls can automatically lock doors and alert a homeowner to an intruder or other problem via LED screens or mobile app. Television or radio can be piped through Leviton’s speaker canisters via IR or Bluetooth technology. Heating and cooling can be set at a touch and for various rooms from a single display. Audio and TV can also be controlled from the display and can be turned on, off or up in various rooms.


The kitchen and living room scenes are geared toward homebuilders with comfortable and luxurious settings that feature the company’s best home control devices to their maximum benefit. 

Leviton showroom kitchenLeviton showroom living room

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