LG and Volkswagen Commit to Connected Car Platform

LG and Volkswagen Commit to Connected Car Platform

A new partnership between LG Electronics and Volkswagen will enable the automaker to develop a connected car platform.

According to the press release, LG and Volkswagen will collaborate on Volkswagen’s Cross-Over platform in order to enhance vehicle connectivity and convenience during service and regular usage.

The Cross-Over platform will rely on cloud technology to offer location-based services in the next-generation of Volkswagen cars. Enabling location services in the car will introduce smart home and smartphone connectivity to the vehicle.

Over the course of the next few years, the two companies will collaborate on three main areas of the connected car market—developing tech to control smart home devices from the car, real-time driving notifications and enhanced “infotainment tech.”

The real-time notifications will increase safety on the road by making cars aware of each other.
The real-time tech increases safety by making cars aware of each other.

The main benefit of controlling smart home devices from the road is convenience. With this new tech, builders can market a seamless, connected lifestyle where homebuyers are connected no matter where they go.

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Integrators can enable the connected car to trigger a series of actions from the car, further increasing ease-of-use and convenience. For example, when the smart lights are turned on from the car, the system can also trigger the connected thermostat and multi-room audio system to turn on.

LG launched its Vehicle Components Division in 2013, becoming one of the first electronics companies to commit to the automotive industry. 

This joint partnership between two major manufacturers in completely different industries indicates that more companies are lining up behind the smart home’s potential. Both Tesla and Ford have also come out with connected car solutions.

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