London Startup Invests Millions in IoT Education for Kids

London Startup Invests Millions in IoT Education for Kids

A London startup is looking to replace the age-old concept of science fairs for children with a new approach that invests itself in educating our youth on the ever-growing Internet of Things.

SAM Labs, the maker of educational electronics kits, has raised £3.2m ($4.68m) from a group of investors led by American institutional investment group, Imperial Ventures. Their goal? To help get more kids involved with the Internet of Things (IoT).

The London-based group will use funds to develop its products further and reach more children in the UK and overseas, marketing both individual kits and also kits in bulk that will be sold to schools.

SAM Labs was founded in 2014, reaching its initial customers through a successful Kickstarter campaign. The company creates tools and software that allows kids to learn about IoT through programming projects that help them build smart inventions.

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The company currently works with over a thousand schools that utilize these kits in either general education or after school programs. The kits, which include LED lights, buttons, various sensors, motors and buzzers, are a promising insight into the future of IoT technology.

This is important info for builders, both those who currently utilize IoT devices in their homes and those who do not. By beginning to integrate the idea into the everyday education of youth, it signifies the Internet of Things as a concept that isn’t going anywhere.

After all, for kids, what’s going to be more beneficial in the grand scheme of things–a papier-mâché volcano using baking soda and vinegar or kits that focus on the future of smart home technology that is going to be commonplace once these kids reach adulthood?

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