Lowe’s Admits Iris Fell Short

Lowe’s Admits Iris Fell Short

A year after Lowe’s released the second-generation home automation platform, Iris, it’s admitting fault for consumer dissatisfaction.

The home improvement giant admitted in a blog post that the second-generation Iris platform needs a significant amount of work and vowed to make a range of features better. Lowe’s identified 23 features that the company plans to address–access to download camera recordings, the ability to invite another person to manage accounts, shading control improvements and more.

There will also be an increased focus on HVAC integration, introducing outdoor weather systems and maintenance reminders that could help extend the life of the system.

These features will be rolled out in the next few months, and while some of these features should have been included as standard, it is good that Lowe’s is taking accountability and responding to consumer demands.

The complete list of new features promised by Lowe's.
The complete list of new features promised by Lowe’s.

Another problem, however, is that first-generation Iris consumers were promised a second-generation model at no cost, but due to a shortage of materials, many consumers still have not received the newest version of Iris.

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The process was initially supposed to take two months. Since then, Lowe’s changed the timeframe for delivery, saying the process will now be complete by the end of this upcoming April.


If you are a builder or integrator who has installed Iris in your clients’ homes, it may be a good idea to touch base with them and let them know about the upcoming changes.

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1 Comment

  1. Brian

    As a IRIS First-gen user, I BEG you to give us back the First-Gen system until the 2nd-gen works as well as the first-gen did. I for one have over $800 in hardware and many weeks of labor that no longer provides the security and automation I paid for. For Lowes to shutdown the First-Gen system without an as-good replacement, is unethical and very short-sighted of their customers needs.
    p.s. The 2nd-gen APP is very uncomfortable to look at (white text on varying light background). Pressing “X” to store a setting, makes no sense. Intermittent operation.
    Give us First-Gen back!!!!!


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