Lowes’ New Platform: What Should Builders Know?

Lowes’ New Platform: What Should Builders Know?

Lowes has announced Iris 2.0, the second generation of its connected home platform.

What should builders know as home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot begin to venture forth into the home automation game, and what should they be weary of?

DIY buyers will certainly be drawn by the allure of Lowes’ Iris 2.0 platform, as well as the company’s original line of devices to connect with the hub. TecHome builders, however, should focus on how to not only market the best to their clients but educate them on tech in order to eventually implement it.

Buyers want simplicity and affordability, and they want to understand the tech in their homes. The more builders push to educate clients, the more clients will return to the builder for their smart home needs.

Builders could also encourage the use of the Iris platform, but offer it through their own business. Of course, buyers could always just purchase this platform and accompanying tech in-store, but if builders can come up with a way to create personal packages comparable to those offered by Lowes, success can be achieved and business will not be lost.

The Iris works with 75 percent of connected devices, not just Lowes products, so a collaboration between the hub and other tech installed by builders and integrators is not too far from a realistic situation.

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Builders must pay attention to the constantly changing trends of the smart home world, especially as DIY options become more and more prevalent.

They must deliver exactly what the client wants in terms of tech and service but with a dash of personal attention that would be hard to get at a corporate chain store.

As corporate giants move into the industry, builders must stand their ground to survive. Personalized service, affordable packages and dedicated work will all help TecHome builder businesses boom.

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