Lutron Releases New Remote to Control Smart Lights

Lutron Releases New Remote to Control Smart Lights

Smart lights are a staple in the TecHome for the ease-of-integration and controllable features, and now a new remote from Lutron looks to add even more simplicity to smart lighting control.

Lutron’s Connected Bulb Remote Control is now available for builders and integrators to market greater convenience and ease-of-use to clients.

Lutron’s new remote uses ZigBee wireless technology to control up to 30 smart lights without the need of a hub, bridge or smartphone.  

Lutron's new remote can sit in a Pico face-plate when not in use.
Lutron’s new remote can sit in a Pico faceplate when not in use.

When installing a lot of smart lights throughout the home, builders can add up to 10 different Lutron remotes to the automation platform for greater control.

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This new device is a good long-term product to give your clients, because these remotes can easily integrate with existing and future smart lights. This technology also comes at a time when the connected light market is continuing its upward climb.

According to ABI Research, the residential smart light bulb is set to approach a quarter of a billion shipments by 2020 due to falling LED prices and simpler connectivity among systems. 

Lutron is not the only major manufacturer offering unique control over smart lights. Control 4 has a product line of wireless keypads for connected lighting, while Insteon’s Mini Remote is almost identical to Lutron’s offering but can control only four lights at a time.

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