LUX New Jersey Penthouse Rebuilt with Entertainment Focus

LUX New Jersey Penthouse Rebuilt with Entertainment Focus


This penthouse project on the north side of New Jersey proves that when a budget is not the primary concern, the level of tech can reach new heights.

Each subsystem within the home has been integrated with an automation platform, including a one-of-a-kind luxury piano that acts as a media source throughout the home.

Serious Audio and Video worked on this Edgewater, NJ penthouse for about eight weeks. Integrator Casey Johnston integrated each device through automation system, Elan.

“The home control system is integrated with every subsystem in the house–the lights, HVAC, cameras, music and even the piano,” says Johnston.

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See how this luxury New Jersey penthouse came to life:


[tps_title] First Steps [/tps_title]

Understanding client expectations lead to a unique luxury penthouse.
Understanding client expectations leads to a unique luxury penthouse.

First Integration Steps

According to Johnston, one of the most challenging aspects of this job was teaching the homebuyer how each system can easily integrate together, but this became easier through understanding client expectations of home automation.

“We try to ask them a series of questions to understand how they will be using the tech. Once I find those answers, then I know what aspects of home automation will best serve this person and justify the cost behind it,” says Johnston.

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