Luxury Home Spoof Video: Troubles in the TecHome

Enter the luxury TecHome of today…

It’s a terrifying phenomenon where monsters dressed in rich peoples’ clothing are constantly demanding the latest in home technology. Only a few brave souls survive this competitive and constantly changing realm of remote control possibilities. And the heroes you’re about to hear from have lived to tell their bizarre and sometime straight-up crazy TecHome tales about the luxury home market.

“I used to think some people were crazy and some of them had money. But no. They all become crazy because they’re psychotically rich. That’s the problem.”

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Lurking behind these perfectly painted doors…and beyond the impeccably manicured lawns of the luxury home is the devilishly diva client … “I watched her curse out the painter. I got back in my car, and I left.”

We had to motorize her shoes. She had her shoes on a motorized conveyer belt catalogued by color and style, and she had a touch screen. And she had to push a button, and it would show all the red pumps.

“They’re just lazy people. They don’t even want to put the DVD in the DVD player. We have to show up and do that for them.”

This is the least of it … underneath that confident client exterior lingers an overwhelming uncertainty about tech.

“The biggest, dumbest question I constantly get is ‘How big is the Apple TV? Is it 50 inches, 60 inches or 65 inches.’ And I have to explain to them the Apple TV is not a TV, it’s a streaming device.”

All kidding aside, we hope you’ll share advice, vent a little, and brainstorm how you can best serve all of your clients in the comments section below.

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Andrea Medeiros is editor-in-chief, multimedia director and content developer at TecHome Builder. She is a former TV news reporter turned home technology guru and is using her broadcast journalism skills to help our team deliver complicated, tech-focused content in a conversational way. She has a decade of experience in the editorial realm—interviewing, writing and editing stories as well as shooting, editing and producing video content. She is most interested in covering interoperability among smart devices.

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