The Luxury Value of Smart Water

The Luxury Value of Smart Water

With three kids, Pat Jarvis knows a thing or two about the importance of water conservation.

“They turn the shower on and three minutes later I’m yelling at them; ‘Hey! I’m sure it’s hot! Get in already! You’re wasting water!’” jokes Jarvis, Dornbracht’s VP of sales and marketing, North America.

Lucky for him and those with similar problems, there are many luxury bathroom and kitchen companies out there today specializing in issues such as these.

For Dornbracht—a German-based international manufacturer of luxury bathroom and kitchen equipment—the goal is to zero in on unique products that promote water conservation and smart usage, creating ease and value for homebuyers.

A smart shower from Dornbracht
A smart shower from Dornbracht.

“We want to create a product that, when you turn it on, you have a better way to turn it on and you have an easier way to turn it on. It does something better for you than just being smart,” says Jarvis.

When Dornbracht embarked on its technology path, Jarvis says it specifically tried to avoid what everyone else is doing in simply taking something that’s analog and making it digital. Dornbracht’s primary objective in crafting tech options is to create as much value as possible.

Smarter Bathrooms

This goal for optimum value is highlighted through the company’s conservation and convenience-centric products, which are set for release sometime next year.

For showers, an app on your phone or tablet will start the shower for you. It’ll also alert you when it has reached your preferred temperature and cuts off heat, maintaining ideal, individual comfort.

Drawing a bath will work the same way. Without standing over the tub and constantly monitoring whether the water is too hot or too cold, Dornbracht’s app will start the tub for you, close the drain and control temperatures and water amount. This can even be set for individual members of the family.

Lastly, bathroom faucets will also be controllable.  This eliminates a common concern for wasted water as the faucet runs while people brush their teeth. With Dornbracht, the faucet can be set to turn on for a few seconds, just long enough to wet the toothbrush, and then turn on again about a minute-and-a-half later when it’s time to rinse the toothbrush off.

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Smart water expands from the bathroom to the kitchen
Smart water expands from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Spa-like Amenities

Embracing luxury value even further, Dornbracht is also planning its release of vertical and horizontal showers. These allow direct water stimulation to below-the-waist areas such as legs and feet—something you don’t get with a normal shower as water merely falls down your body.

These spa-like amenities will feature unique temperatures and pressures emitted from a variety of different heads. Jarvis says Dornbracht plans to test these products out in actual spas, so people can get a glimpse of what it’d be like to implement these luxuries in the home.

Kitchen Convenience

Jarvis speaks of “value,” and this concept extends from the bathroom to another water-reliant room in the home—the kitchen.

Jarvis says the kitchen’s smart faucet measures out individual quantities of cups, liters or gallons to fill a pot or water pitcher rather than running the water. The faucet can be programmed through an app to fill with the exact amount needed. Then, it shuts off, saving water, time and removing the necessity of measuring cups.

Luxury Builders Take Note

While Dornbracht products may not be for the masses, their luxury appeal is undeniable.

As they branch out with these products in the coming year, LUX builders should indubitably consider including products like these in projects (especially for luxury clients on the west coast, where water conservation is a necessity).

An example of the measuring control pad used for Dornbracht faucets
An example of the measuring control pad used for Dornbracht faucets.


“In a few years, you’re going to wake up in a smart home, push a button and your coffee is made, your clothes are going to get warmed and your shower is going to come on,” says Jarvis. “We’re taking it to such a degree that we certainly want to be in that trend of the ‘smart home.’ But we want to be leading that trend, not following it.”

Other companies making innovative strides in this arena include Hansa, Hansgrohe and Kohler. All of them feature bathroom and/or kitchen tech geared for the luxury mindset.

Their newly introduced products include things such as an audio speaker showerhead, kitchen faucets with shower technology and amenities to provide your bath with nature-like luxuries.

Builders, would you consider these products in your LUX projects once they hit market? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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