Making the Luxury Tech Connection

Making the Luxury Tech Connection

[tps_header]Homebuilders should seek to create a great experience for homebuyers through the sales process and when they are living in the home. 

It’s only logical that luxury homebuilding requires quality building, with high-quality materials, the most modern conveniences and high-tech home systems—and touted as such, right?

But what are the benefits of all these great and wonderful things? It’s not about the stuff, necessarily. It’s not about the marble floors or outdoor kitchens or automated lighting and control systems and fab media and game rooms.

It’s about the benefits those features bring: great looks and design, durability, outdoor living, and superior conveniences and entertainment. In short, it’s about quality of life.

Homebuilders have to ask themselves if they are delivering quality of life benefits to their buyers. “There’s a disconnect between what luxury homebuyers want and what is built,” says industry consultant Mike Moore of Moore Leadership and Peak Performance, especially where home technologies are concerned.

“New luxury homebuyers want and expect more from their new homes and are willing to pay for more than we’re giving them in their homes.”


[tps_title]Living Experience[/tps_title]

Homebuyers are purchasing a lifestyle, not just a home.
Homebuyers are purchasing a lifestyle, not just a home.

Sell the Living Experience

Moore believes luxury homebuyers should be provided a higher level in standard options, geared toward their lifestyles.

And that means more useful home innovations like home automation systems that can be remotely operated from anywhere, which is perfect for vacation homeowners to check on their primary and secondary properties. Security systems, lighting control systems, energy-efficiency, backup energy systems and audio/video entertainment systems should all be offered with top-notch lifestyle-based upgrade options.

“We don’t think about the living experience enough,” Moore contends. “People are buying a finished life, not just a home.”

New homebuyers want it all, they want the latest, greatest and most innovative features available that will improve their lives.”

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