March Madness Special: A Healthier Home for Athletes

March Madness Special: A Healthier Home for Athletes




March Madness’ Final Four is quickly approaching, and these athletes want more than just the NCAA’s highest prize. They also want homes and tech that are as healthy as they are.

The truth is when appealing to athletic clients, building healthy isn’t an option. You need to include connected devices that maximize training and health.

Home technology that monitors movement and skill can also help you market cost-savings and, more importantly, long-term health benefits to these clients, because sports injuries continue to cost athletes significantly. According to the Youth Sports Safety Alliance, the cost of ER visits for sports injuries exceeds $935 million annually across the U.S.

Indoor air quality (IAQ), tech wearables and connected exercise equipment can help you appeal to athletic clients searching for a healthier home. And this type of tech isn’t just for star athletes. The demand for it spreads to active Millennials and luxury buyers who value their health.

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IAQ can be a big concern for athletes in the healthy home.
IAQ can be a big concern for athletes in the healthy home.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) systems are a must when building for an athlete or a health-conscious client.

Air purification systems from Lennox and Carrier Air Cleaners are examples of HVAC systems that promote improved IAQ in the home.

When building for an athletic client that values monitoring as well as IAQ, CubeSensors or Eve can monitor the home for pollutants and factors that can negatively impact IAQ.

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