Massaging Your Way to a Healthier Home

Massaging Your Way to a Healthier Home



For those who have experienced a professional massage, it’s hard not to admit that upon leaving the table, you typically feel a thousand times better than you did before lying down.

Why shouldn’t this same luxury make its way into the TecHome? For luxury builders who want to provide their clients with elaborate packages focused on health and relaxation, there are brands of massage chairs currently on the market that will accomplish just that.

Companies such as U.S. Jaclean, Inc., Inada and Panasonic all offer deluxe massage chair models that promise to promote a healthier lifestyle and enhancement of consumer well-being.

Keep in mind, these are certainly luxury items, with price tags in the upper four-digit figures. However, with the rise of the Healthy Home, and the myriad benefits that can come from owning a professional massage chair in one’s home, it’s a luxury that high-end builders could certainly consider.

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[tps_title]Healthy Home Benefits of Massage Chairs[/tps_title]

Alleviate back pain and other muscular discomforts.
Alleviate back pain and other muscular discomforts.

Muscular Pain

First and foremost, a good massage can alleviate back and muscular pain for homeowners struggling with such ailments. This is also a benefit for extremely active clients who require extensive muscle relaxation following intense workouts or physical training.

Today’s massage chair can cover all areas of the body, from the very top of the neck all the way down to the legs and feet. These days, the tech often comes with individual slips for both the legs and feet to place individual focus on these specific parts of the body.

Even better, most models today come with body mapping technology, so every person who sits in the chair receives a unique scan that tailors directly to their weight, height and posture.

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