Wellness Innovation Marks a Multifamily Milestone in Miami

Wellness Innovation Marks a Multifamily Milestone in Miami

Health. Lifestyle. Wellness. These three factors are keys to improving your clients’ quality of life and equally crucial to improving the quality of your business.

These factors certainly ring true for luxury boutique multifamily tower, Elysee, which is collaborating with The Wellness Habitat Company to become the very first wellness multifamily residential development in Miami.

“Elysee is excited to be the first Miami building to partner with The Wellness Habitat Company to create healthy indoor environments for our future residents,” says Elysee developer Reid Boren, of Two Roads Development.

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Capitalizing on a Growing Sector

The CEO and co-founder of The Wellness Habitat Company, Robert Thorne, notes that the world spends billions of dollars annually on products and services to improve health, stay fit and prevent illness. “Yet after going to a med spa or picking up an organic juice, we spend 90 percent of our time in our own homes, where elements from floor to ceiling can have adverse effects on mental and physical wellbeing,” says Thorne.

The kitchen of an Elysee unit.
The kitchen of an Elysee unit.

Currently, the residential health and wellness movement has been mostly prominent in the single-family and custom home world but not so much in multifamily.

“I think developers have focused more on design, interior spaces and features, because it is what’s sexy and appealing to buyers, not having realized that the global wellness industry is a $3.5 trillion market. It’s now the new growing sector within the real estate industry,” says Thorne.

To address this growing sector, the Wellness Habitat Company’s team of engineers and wellness experts prepared with substantial research. They analyzed Elysee’s architectural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing plans to ensure the proper effectiveness and efficiency of the development’s main objectives.

Wellness Through Technology

Part of the planning process involved determining how to integrate innovations within Elysee to promote health and wellness—a method determined by the use of space inside the development.

This space includes healthy indoor habitat solutions in residences and common areas, including the lobby, the health club, activity floor and the 30th floor owner’s sky lounge. But most impressive about Elysee is the integrated technology that push the wellness concept even further. These include:

  • Master bathroom.
    Master bathroom.

    HEPA + Hospital Grade Air filtration

  • Multi water filtration systems

  • Ecofriendly paint

  • Circadian lighting systems

  • Air purification systems

  • 100% organic and natural aroma therapeutic shower systems with variable diffusion

  • Vitamin C + collagen shower systems

These products and solutions are tested by researchers, doctors and health professionals to ensure that every inch and innovation of Elysee is completely customized to the developer’s and client’s desire.

By making its mark on the Miami multifamily market, and the multifamily industry as a whole, Elysee is a shining example of how developments can be tailored to truly benefit the lives of those living within.

“We applaud the development team at Elysee for their visionary step in ensuring that residents will benefit from a healthy home that negates and reverses the effects of pollution, toxins and fatigue,” says Thorne.

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