Millennials Drive Major Carmakers to Embrace the TecHome

Millennials Drive Major Carmakers to Embrace the TecHome


In a move that could help builders and integrators appeal to more Millennials, major car manufacturers are lining up behind the connected car and, in turn, the smart home.

General Motors, Volkswagen, Tesla, Chevrolet and Ford are a few of the major names leading the charge with Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled cars that integrate with the home. TecHome Builder got the opportunity to speak with a few of these automakers to get the inside information on the future of the connected car.

Many of them are just starting to test the waters with new product lines; others are focusing on simple connectivity, and a select few are looking toward a whole-house solution from the driver’s seat.

While the automakers’ positions in the connected car market differ, one thing is constant. Just like builders, integrators and developers, they’re trying to employ techniques that will appeal to the most coveted generation—Millennials. 

“Technology really is the price of entry for many new vehicle buyers,” says Ara Eckel, marketing manager at Chevrolet.

And builders might be able to learn a thing or two from these carmakers’ methods.

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5 Top Automakers Joining the Smart Home Market


[tps_title] Entering the Market [/tps_title]

Car makers are entering the smart home market largely in part to Millennials.
Car makers are entering the smart home market largely because of Millennials.

Entering the Market

More automakers are jumping into the connected home industry, leading builders and integrators to wonder, “why now?” The answer comes down to timing.

“Technology is the top selling point for 39 percent of auto buyers, 74 percent of Millennials and 61 percent of baby boomers. Many of them state that the vehicle must have integrated infotainment technology for them to consider it,” says Eckel.

Infotainment technology refers to the built-in display screens in newer cars that show settings such as temperature and music control. The idea is that in addition to controlling the car from this screen, drivers will be able to also control the home’s devices. And that’s an option Eckel says Millennials are demanding.

The Chevrolet marketing manager says, in the next ten years, 40 percent of all new vehicles will be sold to Millennials, with nearly half of that group expecting their car will be able to do everything their phone can do.

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