Modern Multifamily TecHomes Heat Up Tucson

Modern Multifamily TecHomes Heat Up Tucson

Downtown Arizona is already known for its heat, but with the rise of two new multifamily communities equipped with the latest in smart home technology, things are about to get a whole lot hotter.

The two communities by Pepper Viner Homes, deemed Park Modern and The Schoolyard, are undergoing construction in the Tucson area. They boast both modern design and integrated technologies, tailored towards Millennials with hot ticket items such as iPad Minis and gaming systems.

“It’s revitalizing downtown,” says Chad Williams, COO of Pepper Viner Homes.

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Park Modern.
Park Modern.

Park Modern

The first of the communities, Park Modern, consists of detached and attached units, conveniently located within six miles of the University of Arizona and the University’s Medical Center.

The community’s vibrant location and technology appeal will certainly draw Millennials to pursue their first TecHome purchase.

“They are geared towards the younger generation, but older people will certainly be looking into these homes as well,” says Williams. “But they’re two stories, so we probably aren’t going to be signing people wanting to age in place.”

The first phase of Park Modern is 37 lots, with plans to ultimately expand to upwards of 70.

Tech Standards & Packages

The units of Park Modern’s multifamily community are designed as smart homes, with home automation and security tech that comes standard. There are also a few bonuses.

All homes are furnished with an RTI automation platform, and all homeowners get an iPad Mini to custom control their abode.

They also receive security monitoring for a year, through RTI, as well as USB outlets fitted throughout the unit and a Nest Thermostat included as standard.

As an added gratuity package, buyers can choose to include an entertainment option that offers up a choice of either a new PlayStation 4 or XBOX One for the home. Both options come with a new HDTV.

“For people who may not have a lot of cash to buy this stuff, because it’s their first home, they can wrap it into their mortgage,” says Williams.

The Schoolyard

Also under construction in the Tucson area is a community appropriately named “The Schoolyard,” which is being built on a lot where Wrightstown Elementary School once stood.

The community will include 56 homes upon completion and features identical smart home amenities to Park Modern.

However, there’s a unique twist to the Schoolyard that combines both the future and the past.

The Schoolyard.
The Schoolyard.

When Wrightstown Elementary School was demolished, many of the building’s original bricks were left behind. Pepper Viner held on to these building materials and plans to re-appropriate them into constructing a common area for the community such as a library or clubhouse.

The Benefits of Modern Tech

Both Park Modern and The Schoolyard are perfect examples of how technology as standard is becoming more and more prevalent as the building industry moves forward into the future.

And as more technology develops, Pepper Viner will keep its eye out on the latest trends.

“We’re always trying to find something cool and different to throw at ‘em,” says Williams.

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