Multifamily Appeals to Tech-Minded Millennials

Boston’s South End is a new hot spot for Millennials craving comfort and convenience.

“Right before I get home at night, it goes down to 65 degrees and stays that temperature until I leave the next morning,” says Jeremiah Juso.

Young professional, Juso, can’t get enough of the Nest learning thermostat that’s in his new luxury apartment at Troy Boston.

“I can check the temperature when I leave from work to make sure that it’s cool enough after the gym or whatever I might be doing,” he says.

Juso appreciates the convenience and cost-saving benefits of Nest and some of the other energy efficiencies at Troy, which is designed to operate 25 percent more efficiently than a code-compliant building.

Troy Boston model unit features Nest, energy-efficient appliances and USB outlets.
Troy Boston model unit features Nest, energy-efficient appliances and USB outlets.

“Here’s the fridge and then your freezer is right below,” says property manager Gabrielle Strahl during a tour. “It’s all compact, all energy efficient, all hidden, so it has a clean look to it.”

Strahl led TecHome Builder through the new 378-unit structure developed by Gerding Edlen. Come fall, it’ll also use a 75kW combined heat and power (co-gen) system. It’s perfect for multifamily developments and uses waste heat to power the hot water system and heat part of the property.

The apartments feature home control options such as keyless entry and USB outlets. “I think everyone has ten chargers that they carry on them at all times, so it’s nice to have an easy way to charge everything while you’re cooking or just hanging out in your apartment,” says Strahl

The luxury apartments at Troy are on the smaller side and range in price from $2,675 to $4,613 a month. But Juso says, as a Millennial, his smaller unit is worth it for all the big amenities such as community kitchens that boast Thermador appliances, on-demand fitness studios he can reserve with his smart phone and posh roof decks with breathtaking views of Boston.

Troy Boston sky lounge
Troy Boston sky lounge

“It’s definitely a generational thing where we want to be out and about,” says Juso. “We want to be out of our apartments. We want to be socializing. We want to have those interactions.”

And Troy is not the only new development in the South End of Boston tapping into this Millennial niche with tech. Just down the street, Ink Block is offering similar comforts for the convenience generation.

We’ll tour Ink Block in our next edition of TecHome LUX.

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