Multifamily Tailored Tech at TecHomeX

Multifamily Tailored Tech at TecHomeX




Multifamily home technologies were one of the central focuses at TecHomeX, giving every player in the ecosystem a chance to see devices that appeal to multifamily developers and residents.

Manufacturers showcased both current and new smart home devices at the show. Education sessions on multifamily home tech, including infrastructure and energy conservation, were also offered outside of the expo floor.

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Check out some of the multifamily technologies featured at TecHomeX.


[tps_title] Panasonic Eco Solutions [/tps_title]
The healthy home trend was represented at TecHomeX.
The healthy home trend was represented at TecHomeX.


The healthy home trend was a focal point at TecHomeX.

Indoor air quality (IAQ), energy efficiency and conservation were the main trends on display at Panasonic’s TecHomeX booth.

The new WhisperFit ventilation fan and the WhisperGreen Select fan were used to educate developers on the importance of IAQ and whole-home HVAC integration through the use of sensors and modules.

Multifamily developers and integrators were able to talk with a product professional and understand how factors like sensors, square-footage and healthy products can come together to increase the home’s IAQ.

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