Nest Enters the Outdoor Market with Security Camera

Nest Enters the Outdoor Market with Security Camera

Google’s Nest is looking to expand home control to the outdoors with a new security camera–Nest Cam Outdoor.

Nest Cam Outdoor marks the company’s fourth smart home device currently on the market. The Nest Protect smoke detector, learning thermostat and indoor camera are also available.

Nest’s outdoor camera looks like a shorter, bulkier version of its indoor counterpart. But unlike the indoor-rated Nest Cam, the outdoor version has a few unique features that stand out in a crowded security market: intelligent alerts that can differentiate between a person and animal, the ability to save video recordings for up to 30 days and improved operating temperature that allows the camera to work efficiently outdoors.

Two-way audio support is another feature that can help improve outdoor security. It allows your clients to hear any audio the camera picks up and even talk through the camera’s built-in speaker.

A close-up of Nest's new outdoor camera.
A close-up of Nest’s new outdoor camera.

Like most of Nest’s devices, installation has been simplified for builders and installers. The camera attaches to the outside wall of the home with a strong magnet that can be moved to find the best angle.

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Nest’s app, which is also getting a major overhaul at the end of July, will allow users to mark areas they want the camera to focus on throughout the day. The outdoor cam comes with a free trial of Nest Aware, a subscription service that adds 24/7 continuous HD recording and an extended video history.

This device will be directly competing with outdoor cameras from device makers Arlo and Vuezone. Like the Nest Cam Outdoor, both of these cameras are weatherproof, portable and can connect to the home’s platform.

The outdoor market could provide Nest with a much needed boost. Nest fell into hot water, earlier this year, when CEO Tony Fadell jumped ship amidst a year of no new product launches and a controversial decision to discontinue support for a popular smart home hub, Revolv. 

The Nest Outdoor is available now for pre-order and will be available for wide-release in September. Builders that have relied on Nest’s products in the past, may want to consider this new addition.

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