Netatmo’s New Healthy Home Device Works with HomeKit

Netatmo’s New Healthy Home Device Works with HomeKit

A new option for healthy home builders also works with Apple HomeKit. 

Netatmo’s Healthy Home Coach is a smart indoor climate monitor that aims to create a healthier home by tracking four environmental factors–indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity, noise pollution and temperature.

Poor IAQ and noise pollution can disrupt sleep and concentration, while proper humidity and temperature levels can play a key role in managing respiratory problems such as asthma and seasonal allergies. Netatmo’s IAQ device is said to “provide the healthiest indoor environment for families with children,” according to Fred Potter, founder and CEO of Netatmo.

The Healthy Home Coach collects environmental data and provides the homebuyer with actionable recommendations to improve IAQ based on the season, time of the day and the measurements collected.

The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach and smartphone app.
The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach and smartphone app.

In addition to integrating with Apple’s HomeKit, the device can be accessed through the Netatmo smartphone app, where users can talk to Siri directly about the health of their home. An integrator can also tie other smart devices to the Netatmo system to further improve efficiency.

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If builders are looking to market a different standalone IAQ device, other options currently exist on the market. Cubesensors and Alima are both small standalone systems that detect pollutant levels in the home.

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