News Digest: The Light Bulb That Fights Ebola?

News Digest: The Light Bulb That Fights Ebola?

Nanopower International claims to manufacture a lighbulb that can fight viruses like Ebola.

The Light Bulb That Fights Ebola?

A Colorado Springs, Colo. company called Nanopower International claims that its “Ebola fighting” light bulbs break down deadly viruses and bacteria while using less energy. The 60-watt equivalent bulbs (they actually use 14 watts according to the website), will “clean the air for nine years in a 9 to 10 foot radius as long as the light is turned on.” The manufacturer claims the bulbs break down “bacteria, flu, diseases, pollution and small dust particles.”

The CFL-style bulbs come in styles made for kitchens and standard use.

Ultraviolet light is known to kill bacteria and viruses, and there are companies that manufacture light “wands” that sanitize everything from computer keyboards to toothbrushes (imagining what is on my keyboard and toothbrush as I type). 

Nanopower does not explain how its light bulb kills bacteria or the deadly Ebola virus that is devastating West African countries, an email to CEO Jeff Thompson was unanswered. –Casey Meserve


Get Your Giorgio Armani Condo While Supplies Last

Porsche Design Tower exterior.After years of a housing market downturn, condo sales are on the rise in south Florida and even selling for millions of dollars through lotteries. According to, developer Gil Dezer says that more than 20 billionaires have purchased condos in the Porsche Design Tower, and they are almost sold out. You may have remembered from our article last week that owners can send their cars up from the garage and down from their unit in an elevator. Fashion designer Giorgio Armani is also getting in on the action with his units selling for $1.1 million to $6 million apiece. The 260-unit building is already 90 percent reserved. I wonder if they come with suits?

A Palace of Versailles knock-off mansion, officially named Le Palais Royal, is also under construction in Hillsboro Beach. At over 60,000 square feet with a 30-car garage, an IMAX theater and a 22-karat gold leaf gate, it is the most expensive home currently on the U.S. market. I wonder if any of these buyers are willing to adopt me. 

–Kelly A. Mello


The Automated Man Cave

Control4 has something to brag about. An ex-NFL player had Control4 automation installed in his luxurious 17,000-square-foot Indiana home. We assume the anonymous ex-player retired gracefully.

“Automation was a critical part of the plan, and having a pre-game strategy was necessary, given the size of their future dream home,” Control4’s press release says.

Almost every room in the house features automation of some sort, including the 20 TVs, video and audio sources, touch screens and keypads, cameras, in the recreational area of the home which includes home theater, workout room and gym, trophy room and casino.

“It’s fully automated,” says the owner. “We put on a lot of different kinds of viewing events—Super Bowl, fight parties, whatever it is. I hit the ‘ALL ON’ button and all the TVs come on. I hit the ‘PARTY’ button; it sets up the back of the room and the music will be playing, and then we’re all set to go.” In the exercise room, the system is set up so that the owner can simultaneously pump iron, watch ESPN and listen to his music. There’s a golf simulator, also on the Control4 system, which means the owner can use the simulator screen to call up television or play video games.

This home is the ultimate, fully-automated man cave. –Casey Meserve 

Ex pro NFL athlete man cave by Control4.

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