New LUX Automation Platform Uses Voice Control to Connect

New LUX Automation Platform Uses Voice Control to Connect

Luxury builders looking to offer a home automation platform centered on ease-of-use and design will have another option, as a new voice-controlled system hits the market.

The automation platform is from a new startup called JStar that was put together by tech giants Tim Gill and Alex Capecelatro. Its claim to fame includes launching the social-networking app Yeti and graphic design company Quark.

This new platform was put to the test during a recent CEDIA Business Xchange event, where integrators were given a chance to understand how the platform will use natural language processing (NLP) to prevent misunderstood commands and frustrated clients.

The use of NLP technology also means that your clients won’t have to preface their commands by initially saying the words “Siri” or “Alexa,” which is the standard in HomeKit and the Echo.

The platform in action.
The platform during a demo test to calibrate normal talking voice settings.

Instead, your clients can simply talk directly to the hub. The use of NLP tech allows the homebuyer to even combine commands so that takes care of multiple tasks at once.

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Opposite to the Echo, which uses always-listening far-field microphone technology, the platform uses artificial intelligence and near-field microphone technology. The major difference between the two types of tech is that near-field requires a button-push to begin listening, while far-field microphones have a wider range and can listen without a button press.

The use of near-field tech means that your clients will have to use their mobile devices to operate the system. According to Yahoo, the team is currently working on expanding the system to embedded microphones throughout to home to offer continuous voice-control support.

The automation platform is marketed toward high-end luxury homes. And with a $14,000 price tag, this platform is almost solely designed for luxury clients and integrators. is a CEDIA member and is certified to work with another luxury platform, Crestron. This integration partnership enables builders and integrators to offer a comprehensive smart home solution with voice-control on top.

If you’re looking to be one of the first integrators to offer this system to your clients, you have to act fast. In 2016, only 100 customers will be able to pre-order and receive a unit.

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