New Nest and Ecobee Partnerships Increase Smart Home Options

New Nest and Ecobee Partnerships Increase Smart Home Options

Two popular smart home devices recently announced new integrations, providing builders more flexibility and options when integrating a smart home.

Sage by Hughes (security and smart home system) and the Haiku Home (smart fan system) will now integrate with two major smart thermostats.

Sage by Hughes now integrates with Nest’s connected camera and learning thermostat and the Haiku system now connects with Ecobee.

Both of these new partnerships have unique applications in the smart home. Sage by Hughes’ integration introduces climate control to the TV while Haiku introduces smarter fan control. 

Ecobee will now integrate with Haiku smart fans
Ecobee will now integrate with Haiku smart fans

With Sage, homebuyers will be able to change settings on the Nest thermostat, view a live-feed when the Nest Cam detects motion or sound and confirm the Nest Protect is working correctly, all from the TV screen.

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The addition of smart home control to the TV can be a huge selling point for entertainment-focused clients looking to control the home without stopping their favorite show or movie.

The Haiku Home ceiling fan’s new integration with the Ecobee thermostat can help you market energy-efficiency and climate control.

The Ecobee and Haiku smart fans use sensor technology to increase or decrease temperature. Combined, the devices work together to maximize HVAC performance. 

Haiku and Ecobee are also both partnered with the Amazon Echo, meaning builders that choose this smart device combo can also market voice-control, which can appeal to clients looking to age in place.

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Partnerships and new integrations like this will continue to emerge as the smart home market continues to grow. Builders should look into the range of integrations available to stand out.

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