New Outdoor TV Breaks Records, Highlights Emerging LUX Trend

New Outdoor TV Breaks Records, Highlights Emerging LUX Trend

A new competitor in the outdoor entertainment market indicates that the time is now for builders and integrators to get serious about understanding the outdoor tech potential.

C SEED Entertainment Systems, a manufacturer of commercial LED screens, has entered the residential outdoor entertainment market with the world’s largest outdoor TV. The screen diagonal is more than 201-inches. According to C Seed, this new product (C SEED 201 TV) comes from years of development in the commercial market.

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It’s the company’s first entrance into the outdoor residential market. According to Matthias Fitzhum, head of project management for C SEED, the company decided to enter this space after receiving several requests for a fully retractable outdoor TV solution.

The C SEED 201 as it unfolds to full size.
The C SEED 201 as it unfolds to full size.

The television has been designed to work in direct sunlight and uses a motorized system to disappear into the ground when not in use. The ability to conceal outdoor tech when not in use can be a compelling marketing tool. 

It enhances their lives when needed without cluttering the sleek appearance of a luxury home. C SEED, in particular, has seen significant interest and trends surrounding super-luxury outdoor entertainment and has decided to go further into the outdoor market with retractable outdoor speakers.

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Luxury builders and integrators can get ahead of the growing outdoor trend by offering concealable, non-cluttering outdoor entertainment tech that integrates with the home’s platform. The trend that C SEED is attempting to cash in on is related to luxury atmosphere and the idea that the tech only appears when prompted by the homebuyer.

And this luxury trend and market is growing. According to Trex’s 2016 Outdoor Living Trends Report, the luxury market will top $5.7 billion by the end of 2016. Trends point to increased adoption and interest among luxury consumers with outdoor entertainment and cooking areas and rooms focused on cooking and entertaining. 

Outdoor entertainment tech can help you stand out among luxury clients.
Outdoor entertainment tech can help you stand out among luxury clients.

Hidden rock speakers dotted around the property and strands of smart lights under outdoor furniture and buildings can help builders create a similar luxury outdoor atmosphere.

Some other outdoor entertainment options that can create a luxury atmosphere while integrating with the home’s platform include, Playbulb’s color-changing outdoor solar smart lights, Infratech’s smart outdoor heaters and Insignia’s rock speaker system. All of these devices can be concealed into the backyard and used to market an entertaining, luxurious atmosphere.

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