New Robot Companion Hits the Crowdfunding Circuit

New Robot Companion Hits the Crowdfunding Circuit

Here at TecHomeBuilder, we’ve written about social robots before—Buddy, Jibo, Pepper—but a new remote robot companion has entered the smart home market and is positioned to gain traction on the crowdfunding circuit.

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Yori Black has been launched by Robitz Inc., a telepresence and autonomous mode systems company based in Ecuador, and the company is looking to garner some love on crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo.

Like any robot companion, Yori would be an ultimate luxury for builders to offer their clients as an amenity to smart home projects.

Yori can learn how to perform based on a homebuyer’s behavior around the home and can also dance, tell stories and play media. It’s unique in that it utilizes “remote assistance,” allowing the owner to request medical advisors, nannies or security consultants. These qualities make it a good option for a wide range of clients such as those aging in place or even new parents.

“For almost 15 years, we’ve created technologies for trade exhibitions, museums and telemedicine systems. Finally, we’ve developed Yori as a social robotics platform,”says Robitz founder Diego Balarezo, in a press release.

The company’s goal is to raise $58,000 in its Indiegogo campaign. So far, it has only raised a small portion of that and has about a month to go.

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