New Study Reveals Top 10 Technologies for Mature Homeowners

New Study Reveals Top 10 Technologies for Mature Homeowners

Technology is often assumed to be prominent or even exclusive to the Millennial generation, but a new study reveals that homeowners age 50 and older are craving smart home devices as well.

The top 10 technologies among the 50-plus demographic were determined by a panel of leading experts on housing, aging and technology, according to new research from The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab. These technologies appeal to Boomers, because they make life easier, help with home maintenance and enhance safety and security.

This study serves as an excellent resource for builders constructing projects for this demographic, as it allows homes to be custom-integrated with technology older homeowners will actually desire and use.

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“Smart home technology can make life easier for people of all ages, but it can be especially beneficial to those ages 50 and older as their lifestyles change,” said Jodi Olshevski, gerontologist and executive director of The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence.

The survey found that the number one concern among this age group is home maintenance, even though maintenance was not their top choice when considering the benefits of smart home technology.

When it came specifically to technology benefits, the major concerns were safety and security (49 percent), saving energy (47 percent) and making day-to-day life easier (33 percent).

The top ten technologies are as follows:

1. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
2. Wireless doorbell cameras
3. Keyless entry
4. Automatic lighting
5. Smart water shut off valves
6. Smart home security systems
7. Smart outlets/plugs
8. Smart thermostats
9. Water and/or mold monitoring sensors
10. Smart window blinds

“How we live has an enormous impact on our happiness and well-being,” said Joseph F. Coughlin, Ph.D., director of the MIT AgeLab. “Smart home technologies offer innovative opportunities to make living easier and to help people protect their homes.”

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