New Technology Aims to Make Zero Energy Mainstream

New Technology Aims to Make Zero Energy Mainstream

A new technology that calls itself the “nerve center of the home” aims to transform new and existing residences into smart zero energy homes.

Houze Advanced Building Science will introduce its Zerocell smart energy storage appliance in Euronics International stores at the end of this year. The technology first debuted in Berlin during the IFA 2016 consumer electronics trade show.

Zerocell presents an interesting alternative to major players in the energy storage spectrum such as Tesla’s PowerWall. It allows for an open-source smart digital Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, allowing new and existing homes to embrace zero energy. Zerocell stores and manages energy generated from either on-site harvested energy or from off-site renewable energy transmitted by the electric grid.

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Anatomy of a Net Zero Home

Energy storage is crucial to the home for many reasons the TecHome Builder should consider.

Stored energy is able to power the home when electricity becomes more expensive or in high demand and can also provide backup power if electricity were to go down. The concept of being “zero energy” is also important, as the majority of clients want to diminish their energy bills, as well as their environmental footprint.

“Our mission is to democratize and accelerate a movement that enhances quality of life today and protects the environment for future generations by providing smart, safe, secure energy that is affordable,” says David Goswick, CEO of Houze, in a press release.

Zerocell features a unique nanobattery system, which offers a life span of 12 to 18 years and up to 6,000 charges. Compared to lithium batteries, nanobatteries are also non-flammable and do not leak.

Could a technology such as this push energy storage and management further into the mainstream?

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