New York House Turns the Tide with Home Technology

New York House Turns the Tide with Home Technology


A couple ditches their old home for one with amazing water views in a nearby Long Island Sound neighborhood, only to have it ruined by water damage.

Yes, their dream home had to be rebuilt from scratch, however, what the tide brought in the end was a home technology haven. InnerSpace Electronics and Significant Homes worked together on rebuilding the 12,000-square-foot home from the foundation up.

The house now includes a deluxe kitchen, dining room, master suite, seven bedrooms, a living room, family room, drawing room, craft room, gym, dance studio, recreation room and a swimming pool.

While the home cost about $7.5 million to build, the home technology took up about $300,000 of that, and there’s a lot of it.

Matt Matthews of Significant Homes says there were no obstacles in coordinating the project with InnerSpace Electronics because of their established relationship. “We’re used to working together and we came together at the right juncture.”

That being said, Mother Nature just had to throw in a curve ball. A year into the rebuilding process, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the construction site and knocked out the electricity. Working only by natural and battery-operated light, the building process slowed dramatically.

InnerSpace Electronics and Significant Homes powered through, however, creating this extravagant home.

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Family room iPad.
Family Room iPad.

[tps_title]Family Room[/tps_title]

InnerSpace installed a Savant integrated control system that allows the homeowners to operate the audio, video, Lutron lighting control, security and surveillance camera systems.

Since the home is so large, Pakedge’s powerful commercial-grade K63 network was discreetly installed to ensure the systems would function properly.

There are also eight wireless access points for the home’s interior.

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