One Platform Connects Pool, Gym and More in Unique Adventure Home

One Platform Connects Pool, Gym and More in Unique Adventure Home


Owning a trampoline park empire pushed this homebuyer to request a fully-integrated and “extreme” adventure home, complete with a connected gym, pool and rock climbing area.

This 13,000-square-foot project teaches builders and integrators about overcoming audio and connectivity challenges in a bigger-than-average home by introducing us to unique technologies that generate appeal among all members of the family.

Utah-based integrator Greenline Home Solutions approached this project with a focus on entertainment and home control. Complete with a “Ninja Course,” a rock climbing wall, aerial skills area, custom wall murals and a basketball court, the large activity space required extra attention to differentiate it from the rest of the home.H

To distinguish the activity room’s environment from the rest of the home, Greenline relied on innovative smart lighting systems and a range of speakers to introduce a cutting-edge aesthetic.

These distinctive technologies operate under the Elan Entertainment and Control System, which acts as the central hub of the home’s entire technological ecosystem.

The integrators did hit a couple of minor challenges, namely the integration of audio in a massively open space and running structured wiring around the property.

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The size of the activity center presented some integration challenges to the team.
The pool is smart and connected using the Pentair system.

Adventure Tech: Gym and Pool


Luke Whatcott, owner of Greenline, describes the massive activity center with 21-foot high walls as an “enormous box”—a layout that presented some audio challenges.

“Making sure that this extreme, fun adventure park sounds good and then, of course, the challenge of adding devices and systems along the way were two challenges we faced,” says Whatcott.

To overcome this audio challenge, the team relied on industrial-grade mounting brackets that tucked the speakers and audio tech high into each corner. Using an Elan amplifier, they were able to balance and fine-tune the speakers in the space for optimal performance.

The pool’s Pentair system and the home’s Elan platform seamlessly integrated with each other, something that other luxury integrators should consider when looking to market constant control. “They integrate really nicely together and all it takes is a single cat 5 or cat 6 cable,” says Whatcott.

This should be a lesson to builders that when you are running structured wiring, you should also check to see which other devices could benefit from a constant, hard-wired connection.

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