Online Sales Tools Streamline Smart Home Solutions

Welcome to Clarksburg Village, a Craftmark Homes community in Maryland that includes keyless entry, connected lighting and thermostats as standard.

The builder is able to use online sales tools to offer them in an easy-to-understand package.

“It is a very competitive landscape today, and not everybody is doing this, and the Helix is something that’s new,” says Craftmark Homes sales manager Candice Grams.

Resolution Products’ Helix is the platform that controls all of the connected devices. Grams is happy to tell homebuyers all they need is a mobile device to use the system.

The Helix app.
Sight and Sound Systems Naveed Kaymanesh shows off the Helix app.

PART ONE: Luxury Builders Splice Up Home Automation with Helix

Controlling smart devices through the Helix app is undoubtedly easy, but as many builders know, figuring out what devices to even offer in the home, in the first place, can be more complicated. That’s where the father-son integrator team at Sight and Sound Systems, Inc. and their online tech tools come into play.

“We have developed a shopping site through our website, which is exclusive to the builders that we use.”

And it’s designed to provide a wide range of various different products and disciplines that we offer,” says owner of Sight and Sound Systems Kris Kaymanesh.

All of the builders Sight and Sound works with have their own login and homepage, including Craftmark Homes.

They can easily click add to cart if they wish to start building up the options they want,” says Kris Kaymanesh. “Some descriptions, important facts, requirements and disclaimers they need to be aware of are also on the site, and are obviously very important in the cost for the end user.”

Sight and Sound Systems' website features online sales tools for builders.
Sight and Sound Systems’ website features online sales tools for builders.

“Instead of going into the nitty-gritty of ‘Okay. You need to have networking hardware and this and that,’ the packages actually have all that included, so they [builder] don’t have to know about the fundamentals of how the system works,” says Naveed Kaymanesh.

Sight and Sound has also developed intelligence within the website, so two options that contradict each other cannot be added. This eliminates costly errors, and makes sure a customer isn’t offered a home automation system that can’t be integrated.

With those safety measures in place, Craftmark Homes and the nearly 40 other builders on the site are able to pick pre-engineered options such as Helix as a standard. And homebuyers can easily add devices to their standard package.

“To be able to do that at their own pace, on their own time, at work or at home and figure out what it is that they want is really, really great and useful to them,” says Grams.

Craftmark Homes believes this innovative way of offering smart home tech options to clients will help it take advantage of a rebounding D.C. area housing market.

Research shows the number of new home contracts increased by 6.2 percent between January of this year and last.

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