Oprah’s Extraordinary Smart Home to Entertain

Oprah’s Extraordinary Smart Home to Entertain




When Oprah’s not running a global media network, this queen of daytime TV also makes sure she can entertain in her massive smart home.

The 8,700-square-foot mountain mansion is located in Telluride, Colo. and has a lengthy history of tech upgrades and renovations. The three-story mountain home was first custom-built for tech entrepreneur Bob Wall in 2001.

Multi-room audio, radiant heating and automation are just a few of the standard technologies in this huge home that also features a wine mine and ski lift. 

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[tps_title] Home Automation  [/tps_title]

Home automation helps this home stay connected and modern.
Home automation helps this home stay connected and modern.

Home Automation

Home automation and connected devices can be found throughout the large estate. Some are used to minimize the effects of the cold Colorado climate, while others are used for convenience.

According to the LA Times, the home contains radiant heating, a connected home gym and a sensor system based around security. 

The radiant heating system is crucial for the mountain home’s driveway, and regional builders should consider the technology as standard for the ease-of-use it provides.

The sensor system integrates into the home’s security platform and alerts the homebuyer when a car or person crosses into the driveway. Integrators can offer similar systems that are tied into outdoor smart lights or alarm systems to offer an extra level of security to their clients.

The comprehensive home automation system can be controlled from anywhere in the world. This is crucial when building for a client like Oprah that is always on the move; remote monitoring and management is a big marketing tool.

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