Panasonic to Challenge Tesla’s Home Battery

Panasonic to Challenge Tesla’s Home Battery

In a move to directly challenge Tesla’s Powerwall, Panasonic will begin rolling out its own home battery.

Panasonic plans to release the battery first in Germany with a complete roll-out to the rest of Europe by the end of the year.

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According to Panasonic, its home battery system has been designed to allow households to replace up to 70 percent of energy storage through solar power generation and storage.

This announcement comes on the heels of Tesla’s decision to market its battery, the Powerwall, to Europe in early 2016. 

Tesla's home battery will be competing in the same market as Panasonic
Tesla’s home battery will be competing in the same market as Panasonic.

Just like Tesla’s Powerwall, Panasonic’s model will use stored power during non-peak hours to further reduce utility costs.

Panasonic stands ahead of Tesla with its remote access to charge and discharge the system. Meaning that homebuyers can adjust the system while away.

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Tesla stands out with its 10 kWh model, which can generate two more kilowatts per hour of energy than Panasonic, which produces 8 kWh. Tesla also has a 7 kWh model, which is more even with Panasonic’s.

For builders, Panasonic’s announcement should serve as another signal of green energy entering the mainstream market and something your clients may be looking toward.

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