Pardee Embraces Millennials with Wireless Standard

Pardee Embraces Millennials with Wireless Standard

For the Millennial generation, staying online is like life and death.

“If they can’t get online and send that email and communicate, that is the end of the world,” says integrator Greg Simmons.

Simmons and his company Eagle Sentry have worked with national production builder Pardee Homes for fifteen years. Their latest project together uses products from Luxul to create a wireless standard package in four Pardee Homes communities

“Pardee is taking the right approach by bringing that [a strong wireless network] in as part of construction on the project and doing the job right up front,” says Jeff Curtis of Luxul.

The ability to offer strong, reliable wireless as a standard is a game-changer for high volume builders who are looking to set themselves apart.

“I think it’s huge and cutting edge,” says Simmons, who has noticed more builders are following integrators’ advice on new technology.

“It puts us in a good position to really become more of a consultant for the builder, which in turn is going to allow more of our products to be part of the new building process.”

Fast and Reliable Wireless Coverage

By offering wireless as a standard, Pardee Homes is cutting right to the chase of what appeals to Millennial buyers these days—a fast, reliable network that covers the wide range of wireless technology that fuels this generation’s day-to-day routines.

The XAP 1500 Access Point, by Luxul
The XAP 1500 Access Point by Luxul.

Pardee, Luxul and Eagle Sentry are embracing the wireless standard and have already begun implementing the tech in what will soon become 400 homes and growing. The tech being used for wireless access consists of an XBR 4400 router and an XAP 1500 access point.

These devices ensure buyers will have plenty of horsepower for the demarcation point between the local area network and the wide area network, according to Luxul. Additionally, having the right access point placed in the correct location in the home will help provide truly strong wireless coverage.

This wireless as a standard package will go in mid-market homes that range between $300,000 and $400,000. It costs the builder about a thousand dollars to include the package. 

Klif Andrews, president of Pardee Homes, says it’s well worth it in terms of wireless strength. He stresses the importance of outdoor entertainment and living these days, and without a network signal that stretches to the front and back yards of the home, many outdoor technologies will cease to work properly.

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The XBR 4400 router, by Luxul
The XBR 4400 router by Luxul.


Better Than the Cable Company

While cable companies certainly offer wireless Internet connectivity, it’s not the best option in the smart home of today. This is especially true if you’re looking for the strongest signal possible.

“When you move into a house, don’t you want your router working the first hour you’re there?” says Andrews, adding that a lot of steps in the moving process—such as ordering cable packages or even electricity service—are often done online.

“The cable company is going to drop in a wireless router switch and access point all combined in one; it will be a three-in-one product,” says Curtis.

Unlike Luxul’s professionally installed system, he says they’ll probably position it in the wrong place in the home for adequate coverage and it’ll be underpowered for today’s power user on the network.

“These are devices that probably have a cost of the ten to twenty dollar range, so they’re pretty inexpensive products and are completely underpowered for what today’s technology users require,” says Curtis.

In Pardee’s case, Eagle Sentry has tested the homes before move-in to ensure strong coverage throughout the communities.

“Instead of having to go to the store and figure out which access point and which router might work with that particular house, this takes all the guess work out of the equation,” says Simmons.

A look at Pardee's wireless installation.
A look at Pardee’s wireless installation.

What This Means for the Future

Simmons believes that offering a wireless package in new homes is not just something that will become universally standard, but he thinks it will become the fastest growing standard package ever among builders.

He compares the current state of wireless standard packages to what structured wiring packages were ten years ago. Homebuyers are now relying on the wireless network to run their mobile devices, gaming systems, security systems and more.

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“And let’s face it, we’re getting to the point where even appliances in the home are now reliant on the network. So it’s just such a key element in people’s lives today,” says Simmons.

Klif Andrews has already seen a great response to the wireless offering. He has been garnering great feedback from clients as Pardee has begun rolling out this standard package in new homes.

“Buyers understand it and value it, and that’s very important to us,” says Andrews.

Pardee recently showcased their Millennial Home at the 2016 International Builders’ Show. Stay tuned for Part Two of this story featuring original on-site coverage from the event!

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  1. David B

    I applaud the approach of building in the Wi-Fi network. And while the solid, acrylic cover on the wiring enclosure is attractive, it prevents proper air circulation. I suspect the networking components contained in the panel will fail rather quickly due to overheating.

    1. john

      @David .. I agree this is something we’ve started offering as a package to new/existing homes as well .. on your comment about the acrylic I’m sure that’s just for display/demo purposes and not how they install it.


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