Part 10, State Solar Series: Builder Urges Budget Shift to Include Solar

A solar installation overlooking Seattle, Washington.A solar installation overlooking Seattle, Washington.

Washington leads the nation in electricity generated from renewable resources, with the state’s solar market poised to grow at a record rate over the next few years.

TecHome Builder’s new solar series takes it state-by-state to provide you with a better grasp on the current solar market, including laws and advice from builders on how to overcome challenges.

Now, in part ten of this series, we visit Washington state and speak to positive-energy homebuilder Ted Clifton of TC Legend Homes.

“There really is no reason that every house built today couldn’t be net zero,” says Clifton, who believes that as solar equipment costs continue to drop solar should become the standard. 

Multiple solar incentives, changing building codes and increased consumer awareness have pushed TC Legend Homes to place a bigger focus on green tech, including high performance HVAC equipment and efficient insulation as standard.

In fact, Clifton goes as far as to recommend builders shift around their budgets to include this type of technology. (Scroll through to find out why)

Washington’s Stable and Growing Renewable Energy Market

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Washington Energy

A hydroelectric dam in Washington state.
A hydroelectric dam in Washington state.

Energy Market


Washington is known as a renewable energy leader, boasting the largest hydroelectric dam in the U.S. and a robust solar and wind market.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s report on Washington, the state leads the nation in electricity generated from renewable resources. The report states that Washington generates more than three-fourths of its electricity from renewables.

The hydroelectric market is not the only renewable technology receiving attention in the state.

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Washington Energy

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