Part 18, State Solar Series: Pennsylvania Blends Fossil Fuels with Renewable Energy

Builders in Pennsylvania can learn from EcoCraft Homes' solar strategy.Builders in Pennsylvania can learn from EcoCraft Homes' solar strategy.

Pennsylvania is known as a powerhouse producer of coal and fossil fuel technologies, but the state is starting to gradually encourage solar power in ways that might boost a builder’s bottom line.

TecHome Builder’s solar series takes it state-by-state to provide you with a better grasp on the current solar market, including current laws and advice from builders on how to overcome obstacles.

Part 18 of our series heads to Pennsylvania, where we speak with the vice president of Eco Craft Homes, Elliot Fabri Jr.

“Residential solar in Pittsburgh and surrounding Pennsylvania markets has been successful,” says Fabri. “We have already completed our first solar installation of the year and it’s only the 17th of January.” 

Fabri has a good perspective on the unique solar markets of Pennsylvania because Eco Craft works with clients on a range of projects, from custom residential to light commercial.

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Solar Outlook 

Pennsylvania builders can still offer solar in a market without lucrative incentives.
Pennsylvania builders can still offer solar in a market without lucrative incentives.

Financial Incentives and Rebates

Even with a lack of financial incentives and rebates available, Pennsylvania builders can still market solar by offering a monthly utility break.

Statewide utility providers are required to offer net metering to all homes with a solar system up to 50 kW. The average solar system is around two kW, so unless you are building a massive solar array for your clients, you can market a monthly payoff to the owner.

“There aren’t any huge state incentives in PA. The big subsidy that we are able to take advantage of is the federal tax credit that provides a 30 percent bottom-line tax deduction,” says Fabri.

Pennsylvania builders can use the state’s net metering policy and the federal tax credit to market a monthly payback to homebuyers.

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Solar Outlook 

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