Part 2, Solar Series: California’s Solar Mandates and Market

Part 2, Solar Series: California’s Solar Mandates and Market


The solar industry is undergoing huge growth, especially in states like California that are actively embracing renewable energy sources.

TecHome Builder’s new solar series is taking it state-by-state to provide you with a better understanding of current laws that are impacting the solar industry.

Last week, in part one , we focused on federal mandates and industry terminology. This week, the focus is the Golden State and how you can learn from its successes with solar.

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“It’s all about balancing costs with appeal points, because as was the case with solar in California, spending more money on one notable piece of tech has increased homebuyer appeal among new markets of buyers to sell more homes every year,” says Lisa Lening, director of purchasing at production homebuilder California Home Builders (CHB).

California represents an area that is ideal for solar adoption for its climate and location. The state has also passed legislation in certain areas that mandates solar in new construction projects.


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CA builders are no strangers to solar mandates.
CA builders are no strangers to solar mandates.

California’s Solar Mandates Since 2008

Two recent solar mandates in San Francisco and Santa Monica show how local governments are going all in with solar power by putting the responsibility on builders.

California builders are used to sweeping solar reform. Since 2008, four major solar ordinances have become law, which have required builders to install solar on all new homes.

Two of these solar laws are related to the commercial real estate sector, but developments in one area of construction can trickle down to all builders. When more commercial buildings are seen with solar panels, awareness goes up. This leads local governments to step in to make sure residential builders are also responding to demand.

Click on the links below to learn more about these solar mandates.

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