Part 3, State Solar Series: Texas’ Untapped Potential

Part 3, State Solar Series: Texas’ Untapped Potential


The steady drop in equipment costs has made solar a no-brainer for some builders. But in one of the sunniest areas of the country, they have to overcome quite a few hurdles.

TecHome Builder’s new solar series takes it state-by-state to provide you with a better grasp on the current solar market, including current laws and advice from builders on how to overcome obstacles.

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Part three of our series heads to Texas, where we speak to luxury custom homebuilder Barry Hensley of NorthStar Luxury Homes, who is based in Frisco.

“Solar Power adoption in Texas is a bit slower than some states, but the pace at which solar power is being adopted in Texas is accelerating,” says Hensley. 

Texas was chosen to follow California, because it represents an area that is ideal for solar adoption. However, due to a diverse energy market and a high-density of energy efficient homes, builders in the Lone Star State may want to do their research before including solar as standard.

Texas’ Solar Outlook and Advice for Builders


[tps_title] TX Solar Background [/tps_title]

Increased sun and acres of desert make Texas ideal for widespread solar adoption.
Increased sun and acres of desert make Texas ideal for widespread solar adoption.

Texas’ Solar Background


Texas is home to approximately 14 million acres of desert. It also receives more sun than most states. For instance, El Paso is sunny for 193 days out of the year. These factors make the Lone Star State ideal for solar adoption.

Nonetheless, solar’s progress has been slow moving, which custom homebuilder Barry Hensley says is due to a range of factors including efficiency standards, access to grid power and consumer demand.

That slow adoption rate is beginning to pick up.

“Texas is in pretty good shape compared to other states, especially given the fact that solar power accounts for less than one percent of electric energy in the U.S.,” says Hensley. 

Up Next: Texas’ Electrical Grid, Balancing Resources

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