A Partnership to Secure the Smart Door

A Partnership to Secure the Smart Door

Security in the smart home is a hot topic with more monitoring and secure devices hitting the market than ever before.

Now, a new partnership has been announced that could help add extra security to one of the places where the smart home needs it most: the front door.

Ring, a manufacturer of video doorbells, and Kwikset, a manufacturer of smart locks, have joined forces to offer what they call simpler integrations between products.  

According to the press release, Kwikset’s smart locks will now integrate with Ring’s video doorbell. This allows homeowners to monitor and unlock the door through one app without having to switch back and forth between systems.

Kwikset's smart lock can be accessed through smart phone.
Kwikset’s smart lock can be accessed through a smart phone.

Without having to switch between different systems to secure this aspect of the smart home, builders can market convenience and control under one app.

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Ring’s doorbell is said to offer ease of installation and a range of secure features including high-definition streaming, night vision and motion sensing.

This move by Ring and Kwikset is not the first collaboration aimed at offering a better smart home package. Earlier this year August smart locks announced a partnership with Apple’s HomeKit.

As the connected tech market continues to grow, builders can expect more partnerships aimed at simplifying integrations in the smart home.

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