Partnerships Allow Remote Monitoring, Entertainment Tech to Shine

Partnerships Allow Remote Monitoring, Entertainment Tech to Shine


This luxury smart home project on Lake Tahoe blends automation, remote monitoring and advanced audio control in a package that can teach builders how to seal a bigger tech deal.

Lake Tahoe is known for its panoramic mountainous beauty and as a year-round vacation destination. In this case, the homebuyer knew he wanted his vacation home at Tahoe but voiced concerns over security when he’s not at the lake. That’s why the homebuyer, builder and integrator joined forces to integrate the space with remote monitoring.

“Collaboration with our clients is a key part of a project’s overall success,” says Scott Ruzich, CEO at Epic AV Automation. “As part of our design process we have an in-person meeting at our office to review the clients wants, expectations and develop an initial scope of work.”

The project is the result of a builder and integrator coming together to present a complete, connected home package with attention on security control, remote monitoring and entertainment options.

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Tour a Secure, Serene Luxury Project on Lake Tahoe


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This project teaches builders about successful industry partnerships.
This project teaches builders about successful industry partnerships.

Industry Partnership

Mark Tanner Construction and Epic AV Automation came together for this luxury project on Lake Tahoe in what should serve as a rallying call for builders looking to streamline the integration process.

“It was a great, successful project because the architect, contractor and systems integrator worked together very early on to figure out everything in the beginning planning stages,” says Mark Tanner.

As a builder, entering into a partnership with a trusted integrator helped Tanner and can help you improve jobsite efficiency. In this case, Mark Tanner and Epic AV were long-time technology partners, which helped bring stability to the project.

This is just another example of why the time is now to start a strategic partnership if you want to add efficiency and new tech options to your standard. According to experts, your best option is to bring in your integrator with the architect during the design phase, as all parties will have to be privy to what options are available and where they’ll be installed.

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