Philips Hue Adds Motion Sensors to Automated Lighting Offering

Philips Hue Adds Motion Sensors to Automated Lighting Offering

Philips Hue has added a new solution to its automated lighting platform to eliminate the need of a smartphone for control.

The popular name in automated lighting now offers a battery operated motion sensor for $39.95. It can pair with the Hue Bridge to turn on lights as a homeowner moves closer to them. Up to 12 sensors can be connected to the Bridge, and the device’s mobility allows it to be implemented anywhere around the house.

In addition to sensing motion, the device can also detect daylight, meaning lights won’t turn on during the day and waste energy. Currently, however, the device is in need of tweaks in motion and distance sensitivity, which Philips Hue promises will be included in future software updates.

Philips has had great success with its lighting branch, since splitting off into its own separate arm earlier this year. Builders and integrators can probably expect more advances to come in the company’s offerings.

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The motion sensing is certainly an interesting add-on for builders to pursue, especially if they already integrate Philips Hue lighting in their homes or have been considering the product. Motion control is becoming more and more popular, as is voice control, so having lighting that embraces these two concepts in addition to smart phone control is a great convenience to clients seeking the ultimate automated solution.

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  1. Jill Thompson

    The motion switch is a great idea! Any idea when this will be available? I thought maybe this was a live product, based on the article, but it’s not listed on the Philips site. (


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