Printing Your Way to a Smarter Home

Printing Your Way to a Smarter Home


If you could make your jobsite 10 times more efficient, decrease production times by 70 percent while slashing labor costs by 80 percent, would you do it? What if it meant rethinking how you build your homes?

That’s exactly what a group of innovative builders and researchers are aiming to do. In Asia and Europe, builders are turning to 3D printing to maximize efficiency and gain appeal.

“3D printing will showcase many opportunities of digital manufacturing for the building industry: unique shape, reduced amount of materials, ability to recycle materials,” says Boh Toh, community manager for DUS Architects, a Dutch-based architectural firm building the world’s first residential 3D canal home. The canal home will stretch the length of Amsterdam’s primary waterway canal.

TecHome Builder got the opportunity to discuss this revolutionary technology, its process and the potential impact it could have on the industry—domestically and abroad.

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The Nuts and Bolts of 3D Printed Homes


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3D printing could bring more homes to market in an accelerated timeframe.
3D printing could bring more homes to market in an accelerated timeframe.

Understanding 3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing, popularly known as 3D Printing, refers to the technical process of synthetizing a three-dimensional object from a printer.

Designers that work with 3D printing start by modeling a shape or plan using a computer aided design package. This is done either through a 3D scanner or with digital cameras and photogrammetry software.

The 3D printer on this current project in Amsterdam is more than 20-feet tall, moveable and can teach builders about improving efficiency through 3D printing.

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