Renters Clamor for Smart Home Tech in Smaller Spaces

Renters Clamor for Smart Home Tech in Smaller Spaces


The concept of the smart home has typically only applied to homeowners, leaving an eager market of renters in the dark.

Now, there are smart apartment tech options that can easily make multifamily builders stand out.

According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 35 percent of all Americans are living in high-volume buildings. When you are living in a small space, having these connected systems and efficiencies are even more important.

“Millennials are expecting that these apartments are smart, because everything else they have is,” says Sce Pike founder of IOTAS, a company focused on the smart home experience for renters.

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The major benefit of smart apartments lies in the ease-of-integration with the major difficulty coming from finding a system that accommodates all of the building’s residences.

“It is actually much simpler to integrate this technology into apartment homes. The floor plans are uniform by unit type, which creates a lot of efficiencies,” says Steve Boyak, senior vice president at the Laramar Group.

Connected tech options for multifamily communities:


[tps_title] Monarch Tree [/tps_title]

Monarc Tree brings up a floorplan to show device location
Monarc Tree brings up a floorplan to show device location.

Monarc Tree

Monarc Tree works by creating access points throughout the apartment that monitor and control different settings such as lighting and temperature.

Monarc must be installed during the build, with builders determining the range of connected features they want to include depending on their budget and preference.

Residents can control everything from their smartphone, while property owners are able to look at usage data of their residents.

Currently in five developments in California and Texas, Monarch is a good option for builders just beginning to explore connected tech.

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  1. John Cargile

    Mike, we are definitely seeing growth in demand for our smart locks from multi-family businesses. One company in Denver is helping buildings upgrade WiFi to power many devices including WiFi locks, smart thermostats, cameras, and monitoring sensors. It really is become standard for tenants.

    1. Mike Black, Staff Writer

      Thanks for the comment John, glad to hear you are seeing this trend in action! What smart lock company are you with?


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