Renters Clamor for Smart Home Tech in Smaller Spaces

Renters Clamor for Smart Home Tech in Smaller Spaces

[tps_title] IOTAS [/tps_title]

IOTAS learns behavior and can be scheduled to work in certain ways.
IOTAS is a start-up that’s in pilot programs.


Like Monarc Tree, IOTAS is installed during the build and provides smartphone control over lights and temperature in the apartment.

“It’s actually easier than integrating in a single family home, because we know exactly what is going into the apartment during the build,” says Pike.

Each apartment is outfitted with an individual hub that will control each connected device.

This new start-up is currently in pilot programs in Oregon and San Francisco with expansion plans in Denver, Chicago, New York and Austin coming soon.

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  1. John Cargile

    Mike, we are definitely seeing growth in demand for our smart locks from multi-family businesses. One company in Denver is helping buildings upgrade WiFi to power many devices including WiFi locks, smart thermostats, cameras, and monitoring sensors. It really is become standard for tenants.

    1. Mike Black, Staff Writer

      Thanks for the comment John, glad to hear you are seeing this trend in action! What smart lock company are you with?


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